Baselayer Mask BA164

Super confortable grâce à la technologie Seamless, ce baselayer offre le bon maintien vous permettant de bouger librement. Fabriqué avec le fil innovant Q-SKIN AMNI VIRUS BAC OFF, il garantit la sécurité et la protection contre les virus et les bactéries. Les propriétés antivirales et antibactériennes de Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF sont pérennes et restent inchangées même après de nombreux lavages. Conception géométrique et zones fonctionnelles pour la couverture et le support. Tissu respirant, à séchage rapide, résistant et indéchirable. Il ne nécessite pas de repassage

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Fil Lycra
  • 13% Lycra

  • 87% Polyamide

Seamless technology
The high elasticity of the product combined with the seamless technology allows the garment to fit perfectly.
Round collar
Basic collar with a timeless style. Comfortable around the neck, it is easy to put on and allows you to move with ease; collar of the same fabric as the garment.
Short Sleeves
The short sleeves give a large part of the arm to bring comfort, ease and coolness in very hot weather.
Seamless technology, comfortable on the skin because it is made in one piece, without any additions or seams, thanks to Seamless technology.
  • Types Marking Sportswear
  • 3D embossing
  • DTG printing
  • Embroidery
  • Hang Tag
  • Labels
  • Laser application
  • Pelicula Cortica
  • Silicon Rubber
  • Sreen-printing
  • Strass

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Fil Lycra
  • Composition :

    13% Lycra

  • Weight :

LYCRA® fiber can be stretched up to seven times its original length without breaking.
Once stretched, LYCRA® fiber immediately returns to its original length – again and again.
Durable elasticity.
LYCRA® fiber is never used alone. It is used in all types of fabrics and mixed with artificial or natural fibers.
It is invisible and does not change the appearance of the fabric
Easy care: LYCRA® fiber garments do not require any special care.

  • Composition :

    87% Polyamide

  • Weight :

The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of polyamide Q- SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF polyamide are in fact long-lasting and uniform and result in garment benefits that remain unchanged even after many washes, unlike post-treatments.

All benefits:

TECHNOLOGY INHIBITS enveloped viruses (flu, herpes and new coronavirus) and without the envelope, helping to prevent virus retransmission from textile surfaces

BLOCKS CROSS CONTAMINATION of viruses and bacteria on textile surfaces, thanks to the antibacterial agent in the polymer matrix

INHIBITS BACTERIA, providing better protection NO chemical migration from the fabric to the skin and environment

Antibacterial fabric
Breathable fabric
Fast drying