Shorts SX400

The CrossFit shorts for men CF340 is water-resistant and therefore dries immediately. It also protects from the sun thanks to its anti-UV treatment. Made with a breathable fabric, these custom shorts help to evacuate the sweat and dry fast. Its bi-stretch material allows to keep a big range of movement.

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  • 80% Polyester
    20% Elastane

  • 190g/m2

This practical and comfortable system is integrated into the waistband. The external cord allows a quick adjustment of the garment at the waist and reinforces the sporty aspect of the garment.
Standard seams
Standard seams are strong and safe. They guarantee a high resistance to wear and tear and to stretching. They are also flexible and prevent chafing on areas that come into contact with the skin.
? Made from recycled fiber:

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  • Composition :

    80% Polyester
    20% Elastane

  • Weight :


The Action fabric is made of 80% recycled polyester and 20% elastane. Its synthetic fiber is both extra white and matte. Extremely resistant to rubbing and abrasion, it maintains a long-lasting impeccable appearance. This technical textile has breathable capabilities and offers 4way stretch characteristics that guarantee the same elasticity in all directions. Its performance in the Martindale abrasion resistance test places it in class 5. The Action fabric provides UV protection and has a UPF 50+ protection level. It has also been treated to provide water repellency. Water does not penetrate the fabric, but simply slides off.

Antibacterial fabric
Fast drying
Anti-UV fabric