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Flyer cap

The Flyer cap CF350 with 6 panels has an internal coverseam to offer a greater comfort of use. The Velcro closure on the back allows to adjust ideally the size. The pre-incurvated visor of this custom Cap protects perfectly the eyes.


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  • Labels : Hang-tag / woven label / Transfer print
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Description Longue
Here is a selection of fabrics that we offer for this product, our fabrics benefit from the label Oekotex standard 100 which certifies that the fabrics are free of hazardous substances.
Creating the design of your customized sports jerseys

Contrary to other companies offering this type of service, we have chosen not to have a basic customisable design. We give a lot of importance to the customisation of the designs and we really want you to have unique clothes that match your style. Our design service considers that listening to your needs is very important to provide original designs.

If you wish to create your design yourself, please contact us to obtain our templates in order to create your own designs, we also put at your disposal our technical guide, follow our guide to ensure an optimal rendering of your custom sports jerseys. Our design team is at your disposal to answer to all your questions.

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To use our size guide, you need to take some measurements:

First and foremost, be sure to not be wearing clothes too thick, and stay right and relaxed. To know your measurements, position the tape measure as close as possible to your body, without tightening it. For more details, don't hesitate to ask for help.

1. The first step consists in measuring your chest size, at the strongest part of your torso (horizontally).

2. Then measure your waist size placing the tape measure at the deepest part of your abdomen, without tightening it.

3. The hip measure corresponds to the circumference of the strongest part of your hip.

4. Finally, measure the crotch length from the top of the tight to the end of the leg.

How to order

Choose your product
from our line

Describe your ideas of
graphic design, and send us
your logos and other files
with vector file format,
or directly send us your design

We create a unique design,
which we will then
send to you to have
your approval:

We carry out if necessary the modifications
before the planning in production of your order

Express or standard delivery
according to your choice

Delivery under 24h / 48h
or 1 week according to
the chosen method of delivery

We carry out a
rigorous quality control
before shipping your products

The products are then folded,
packed in an individual blister
and packaged in packages

After validation,
we plan your order
in production

3/4 weeks are necessary
for the production of
your custom outfit order.

Options marquage
  • Sublimated patch
    Sublimated patch
  • Woven patch
    Woven patch
  • 3D screen printing
    3D screen printing
  • Fantasy screen printing
    Fantasy screen printing
  • Serigraph
  • 3D embroidery
    3D embroidery
  • Sublimation
  • Horse embroidery
    Horse embroidery
  • Flat embroidery
    Flat embroidery
  • Brilliant embroidery
    Brilliant embroidery
  • Net printing
    Net printing
  • Phosphorescent printing
    Phosphorescent printing
  • Hot stamping
    Hot stamping
  • Resin marking
    Resin marking
  • Embroidered patch
    Embroidered patch
  • Leather patch
    Leather patch
  • PVC patch
    PVC patch
Options Tissus
  • Thick twill fabric
    Thick twill fabric
  • Velvet fabric
    Velvet fabric
  • Canvas fabric
    Canvas fabric
  • Peach skin cotton fabric
    Peach skin cotton fabric
  • Dry cotton fabric
    Dry cotton fabric
  • Suede fabric
    Suede fabric
  • Jeans fabric
    Jeans fabric
  • Jersey fabric
    Jersey fabric
  • Linen fabric
    Linen fabric
  • Ventilated microfiber fabric
    Ventilated microfiber fabric
  • Microfiber fabric
    Microfiber fabric
  • Ottoman fabric
    Ottoman fabric
  • Polyester fabric
    Polyester fabric
  • Faux leather fabric
    Faux leather fabric
  • Soft mesh fabric
    Soft mesh fabric
  • Suede fabric
    Suede fabric
Options Fermeture
  • Buckle closure
    Buckle closure
  • Stainless steel clip closure
    Stainless steel clip closure
  • Leather closure
    Leather closure
  • Elastic closure
    Elastic closure
  • Fermeture gun métal
    Fermeture gun métal
  • Brass closure
    Brass closure
  • Nylon closure
    Nylon closure
  • Plastic closure
    Plastic closure
  • Velcro closure
    Velcro closure
  • Velcro closure
    Velcro closure
Options Divers
  • Top stitching seams
    Top stitching seams
  • Individual packaging
    Individual packaging
  • Printed label
    Printed label
  • Woven label
    Woven label
  • Hang-tag
  • Woven sandwich line
    Woven sandwich line
  • Sandwich line
    Sandwich line
  • Clip clamp
    Clip clamp
  • Strip
  • Torn visor
    Torn visor
  • Cleanliness bands
    Cleanliness bands
  • Applied fabric bands
    Applied fabric bands
  • Embroidered button
    Embroidered button
  • Engraving button
    Engraving button