General terms of sale

General terms of sale

The objective of these general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the framework of the products sold through the site by the company

Vestits B.S. SLU
Residencial Sol-Esqui, Edifici A Planta 3, Porta 5
El Tarter – AD100 – Canillo
Principality of Andorra

The company VESTITS B.S SLU is fiscally represented by the company:
8 Rue De La fosse Chenevière
51390 GUEUX – France
Intra-Community VAT number: FR61834862591

All of them are applicable for any contract signed between Vestits B.S. SLU and their clients, regardless of the place of delivery.

No derogations to these conditions will be admitted without a written agreement of the company Vestits B.S SLU.

No condition contrary to these general terms of sale risen by the buyer, in its general terms of sale, or in any other document, will be invoked to the seller, regardless of the moment when it would have been communicated to him/her.

Art. 1 : Orders and execution

Any order carried out on the website is final and definitive for the client from the reception of an order form (or any other medium stating the order) by Vestits B.S. SLU.
The non-availability of a product because of stock shortage or its suppression from the site won’t entail any cancellation of the global order and won’t give rights to any compensation by Vestits B.S. SLU.

Art. 2 : Price

The prices are stipulated including all taxes except charges. All the rights and taxes applicable or that would be applicable will be invoiced separately.
The equipment and supplies are sold separately. The products are provided with a fixed price on the base of the current rate at the moment of the reception of the order.
The prices can be modified without prior notice. If the delivery is not intervened within a month, the invoiced prices will be the ones in force the day of the delivery.

Art. 3 : Conditions of payment

The prices proposed on the site are the prices including all taxes. Each order can be paid:

–           Through PayPal, once your order is confirmed, you will access the PayPal site to carry out your secured payment.
–           Through transfer addressed to the bank details provided during the order.

Art. 4 : Withdrawal period

The consumer has a withdrawal period of 7 days since the reception by himself of the ordered good.
In the case where the merchant would not have received the order form, this withdrawal period will be changed to 3 months.
If the consumer exercises its withdrawal right, Vestits B.S. SLU will commit itself to refund the amounts paid without any additional costs within 30 days.

Art. 5 : Conditions of delivery

The periods of delivery indicated on are given for information purposes only. No compensation will be granted to the client in the case of non-compliance with these periods, and no order will be able to be canceled without the express agreement of Vestits B.S. SLU.

5-1. Transportation costs
The transportation costs are defined within a different scale which will be communicated to the client by Vestits B.S. SLU and will be payable at the same time as the invoice.

5-2. Reception of the products
Any claim will only be valid if it is carried out within the 48 hours following the delivery of the products to the client, through registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt at the company Vestits B.S. SLU and at the carrier. Without these elements, no claim will be accepted.

The client will mention the customary reservations on the order form. It is the client the one who will have to provide any justification regarding the reality of the detected anomalies.

Art. 6 : Warranty conditions

The equipment and supplies sold by Vestits B.S. SLU are under warranty. This warranty is subject to the manufacturer warranties during time and during their application.
In case of non-respect of these conditions (uncontrollable event, bankruptcy, etc.) by the manufacturer, the warranty of Vestits B.S. SLU wouldn’t be valid. Under these assumptions, the responsibility of Vestits B.S. SLU could not be invoked.

Art. 7 : Returns of goods

The defective products which warranty includes us will be mandatorily returned to us within their original packaging. The concerned material will be returned as is by the buyer, at his/her risks and expenses in our warehouses, with their accessories, after our agreement. The warranty does not include the reparation of the prejudice suffered by the buyer because of the defects of the sold equipment and supplies.

It expires:
– When the equipment or supplies are subject to interventions by persons who are not part of our company before the claim.
– When the defects are not directly caused by a defective maintenance or an anomalous situation, even temporary, or an installation within anomalous or extreme conditions.

Art. 8 : Retention of ownership

Vestits B.S. SLU keeps the ownership of the sold goods until the effective payment in full for all goods. Under the terms of this clause, the issue of a document creating an obligation to pay (whether a bill or other instrument) is not to be considered as a payment. Default of payment on any due date whatsoever may entail a claim for the return of the goods.
The above provisions do not preclude, after delivery, the transfer to the Client of risks of loss and deterioration of the sold goods as well as damage which they could cause.

For all litigation regarding the execution of these general conditions, only the courts of the registered office of the SELLER will be competent.

The client states to have acknowledged and accepted without reservations the present general terms of the Vestits B.S. SLU company reproduced above.