The cutting is an essential phase in the procedure of manufacturing of clothing products. The Subli Sport France team carry out a perfect cutting work to obtain forms and yokes of a quality product.

The cutting, a step carried out with special machines

A fabric cutting machine is used to obtain the parts of the fabrics with well carried out cuts. These parts will be assembled in order to get a final product according to the one presented in the technical file to the client.

Our cutting workshop consists of specific machines used to carry out effective cuts. Presents in the market for many years, we use a laser-cutting machine.

The use of these cutting machines needs a high level of technicality to cut the fabric well. Lacking the mastery of the machine may produce failed pieces and different than those shown in the technical file.

A performance cutting system to carry out quality pieces

The use of a computerized system with laser beam has recently revolutionized the world of the textile industry. Performing a laser cutting technique allows to obtain varied cut forms.

Laser cutting allows to obtain a rendering with an exceptional quality. For our part, we prioritize the use of this fabric cutting technique to satisfy in the best way possible our clientele !