Our production chain ends with three main processes: the control of finished products, their packaging and their delivery to our clients. These processes are respected by a complete and qualified service in order to satisfy our clientele until the end of the production service of sports jerseys or sportswear.

Before any delivery of finished products: custom sportswear or any other sportswear-style clothing, we perform a thorough control of the articles in terms of ordered quantity and quality. Then, a packaging process is carried out to protect the articles after during their delivery.

Adapted packaging for a successful delivery

The finished products are carefully sorted according to their size, and then are packaged in a single blister. This blister is a type of protective packaging which allows to present well the product located inside. For those who want to differentiate themselves with their products, we offer custom blister packages. The use of a blister allows a better packaging of sports jerseys.

A final check after manufacturing

The production process ends always with a thorough control of the finished product. This control is necessary to spot some manufacturing defects if there is any. It is also a step that allows to check the conformity of the finished articles with respect to the rules set before the production treatment.

Our job is to provide you with sports jerseys or other high-quality sportswear. Our finished products are quality, comfort and robustness proof. Our workshop sets rigorous proceedings to control the finishing of the ordered products. Not only the quality is controlled, our production team takes due care to ensure that the quota of the finished products corresponds perfectly to the number of products registered in the order document.

We respect thoroughly each one of the steps of quantity and quality control to perfectly answer the expectations of our clientele.

Our organization set up a system which allows our clients to be constantly up to date with the manufacturing process of their products before the shipping. It consists in using a special software of manufacturing monitoring. Concerned with the clientele worries, who sometimes asks itself how the production is going, we are very committed with this measure !

We carry out a delivery under 48 hours to one week according to the location of delivery and the type of shipping chosen by our client (normal or express delivery).