Cycling, athletics, running, motocross, cross-fit, parachuting… During a competition or training, an athlete must have a comfortable, efficient and excellent quality sports outfit. Such an outfit is essential for a top athlete! Feeling at ease and having the necessary comfort are the main objectives to succeed in setting records or winning victories.

Subli Sport offers a service in the design and production of sports clothing and equipment with sublimation for high performance athletes. A partnership is also proposed for those who wish to launch a brand of sportswear clothing line or carry out a project of resellers of finished Subli sport products.

A strong experience, overflowing imagination and high-performance teamwork!

Proud of its 10 years of expertise in the textile domain, the Subli Sport France design team masters the creation and design of sportswear. Its artistic sense and its skill in the sportswear textile profession allow to elaborate trending, original and unique garments. These are essential points to ease the creation of a brand image within a project of launching its own sports brand and/or custom sportswear.

The designers team of Subli Sport France is dynamic and enthusiastic, and has more than enough imagination when she conceives sketches or illustrations for custom sportswear. These designers are gifted in their profession thanks to their experience designing graphical patterns, in the choice and definition of colors, or in the mix of the colors…

The Subli Sport France creation team consists of different designers, stylists, modelers and product managers. They cooperate together and work side by side to create trending sportswear. In one word, the teamwork is the first priority in order to get right the conception and the production of a large line of sportswear.


We prioritize three main elements in order to conceive and produce collections of sportswear.

Monitoring and knowledge of current trends.
Our team carries out studies, as well as analyses of the innovations and last trends in the fashion sportswear domain to stay informed. Press review, trade shows and international shopping are the sources we use to monitor the information and the graphics. Knowing these last innovations and trends, we can carry out plans of collection adapted to the demands of our clients. A trend book, Moodboards and trendboards are also conceived for our clientele.

Setting up an impactful graphic
We ensure our experience and skill in illustration and the textile field. Our team has a level of creativity and technicality that allows it to research and develop all kinds of graphics and on any kind of support. Whether it is printing, sublimation, screen printing, jacquard, embroidery, labels and packaging work, the Subli Sport France designers give all they have to create stunning and captivating graphics to draw the attention, impress your targets in order to influence them to buy.

tylist profession at heart
We ensure the creation of collections, either clothes or accessories, sportswear or sportswear style. Aimed at all ages and all genres:men, women and children, our creations follow a precise control and a perfect follow-up of the production chain. Our talent in fashion design and our capacity to mix the colors allow us to create original, unique and quality collections.