Textile designer

Sportspeople need a comfortable, performance outfit with a faultless quality. Besides, a trending, appealing and original outfit is their aspiration. Only a textile designer will know how to proceed to the creation of sportswear gathering all these conditions! Trust the textile designers of Subli Sport France, a professional at the service of sporting prowess!

Choice criteria of textile designer

For appealing collections encouraging the purchase, the choice of the textile designer is essential and has to be made with care. This provider has to be able to meet the following criteria:

• He/she has to excel in the graphic art
the image of the buyer has to be baited. For this purpose, it has to master perfectly everything regarding visual conception and creation of a true artistic work. He has to have in mind all the possible mixing of colors, typographic styles, drawings, pictures and paintings to get a maximum quality printing.

• He/she has to be experienced as a high-level textile designer
It is a criterion proving the professionalism of the textile designer. Subli Sport France has 10 years of positive experiences. At each new order, they are put to work for you in order to create clothing lines with amazing graphics and style for you. A stable and solid base to launch its own clothing brand. The chief textile designer of Subli Sport France will guarantee you this base, heart of your brand.

• He/she has to have enough dynamism to give suggestions and the ability to offer improvements.
You must have a proposition panel to have an idea and choose. To get there, the textile designer will look at the latest news or trends of graphic design and styles.

Textile designer, stylists and graphic designers work together to provide you with a striking and faultless quality rendering. With the creativity and art at heart, the team is also at the top of the latest technologies and trends. With 10 years of experience, our collections of sportswear are in good hands with our textile designers. They can only be under the spotlight !

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