About Sublisport

All Sublisport products are made in Europe. We carefully manage the entire development and manufacturing of your equipment in our own workshops and on our own machines in order to guarantee their quality at the best manufacturing cost and to offer you optimal processing times.
The fabrics used are mainly made from polyester fiber or a mixture of polyester and elastane. They are made from recycled fibers (PET) and come from Italy. We offer different technical fabrics with specific properties to adapt to each sport: antibacterial, breathability, thermoregulation, compressive ....
Our size guide, available on our website, helps you to take your measurements correctly to choose your Sublisport equipment. Take your measurements correctly and do not rely on your usual size, as the measurements are always dependent on the manufacturer. We can also send you sample sizes to try on before placing your order.

What are the fees charged ?

These costs correspond to the logistics and shipping costs of the package. They include the preparation of the shipment, the packaging, the quality control and the postal charges. The amount depends on the country of delivery and the delivery method chosen: standard delivery within 4/5 days or express delivery.
If you choose to create your own 100% custom design, you will be charged an additional development fee. This fee covers the work of adapting your design to our cuts and amounts to €40.00.
1) Creation The costs of this part vary according to the level of detail and/or creativity required by the project.Simple Design: 100,00 €Elaborate Design: 150,00 €Complex Design: 200,00 €2) Additional costs will be added to the order. They concern:- Size variation: 40,00 €/size- Personalization (name/number): 2,00 €/item- Sending of paid samples, knowing that the price of a sample costs 1,5 times more than the production of the product.
In order to obtain a quality printed result, we may have to rework a logo, or even redesign it. This step causes additional technical costs that we charge 50,00 € TTC. We do not commit to anything until you have given us your approval. If you doubt the resolution of your logo, you can send it to us by e-mail, we will tell you quickly and free of charge what it is.

Ordering process

You just have to consult our online catalog available on the site sublisport.fr and to select the model and the colors of your choice.You can also send us your order by e-mail. In this case, please provide us with the following information: name of the articles, quantities, models, colors, sizes, options and desired inscriptions (numbers, team or player names, logos, sponsors, ...). Please also provide us with a contact name, a delivery address and a billing address. You can contact our sales department by phone to be accompanied in the drafting of your order. Upon receipt of your order, we send you by e-mail a "Bon A Tirer" (final 3D model) and a quote for final validation that provides the essential information of your order. After validation of the order by e-mail, a pro forma invoice in PDF format will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 to 48 hours. You will find our bank details (RIB, BIC and IBAN) for the payment of the total amount of your order.N.B.: the proof is the last step before printing. Make sure to check it before the validation of the order: conformity of colors, sizes, spelling of texts, location of logos, ...). No modification can be accepted after validation. The production is launched upon receipt of your payment. We will then give you a guaranteed shipping date for your order and an e-mail indicating the tracking number of your package will be sent to you on the day of its shipment.
The production time is about 4 weeks from the validation of your proof and receipt of your payment.
All your equipment is 100% custom-made. We manufacture them only to order, according to your wishes, and they cannot be reused for any other purpose than the one for which they were produced. Please make sure that your order is accurate at the time of the proof.
No. The minimum quantity per item for a first order or for a restocking must be 50 pieces.
Not at all. You mix the sizes as you wish. Example: an order of 50 swimsuits can contain 40 Size S, 6 Size M and 4 Size XL. You will only be charged a "large size" surcharge for sizes 3XL and up.
Absolutely. We keep your customer file, so you can plan to restock your equipment every season as well as at any time and for the quantities you want.

Printing process

All your equipment is printed by sublimation. Sublimation on textile is an innovative digital printing technique that allows to print a photo quality image. It uses heat sensitive inks and is done on transfer paper with a textile printer. The paper is then placed directly on the fabric. It is the heat and the pressing that allow the inks to be fixed on a polyester support. The inks adhere completely to the fabric, which explains why it is pleasant to wear and breathable, and why the markings are resistant to washing. Sublimation is widely used for technical sportswear.
Sublimation has specific characteristics that offer many advantages. Breathability of the fabric The fabric's ability to wick away perspiration is neither stopped nor slowed down and the body is kept dry. Resistance to washing of colors and markings Thanks to the sublimation technique, colors and markings do not fade or crack and are resistant to even frequent washing. Simply follow the washing and care instructions on the labels on each item. Freedom to Create The process gives you unprecedented freedom to customize your sports equipment. It assures you of a result that meets your expectations in terms of colors or visuals. Price The cost of printing logos and other markings is included in the amount you pay for your order. The printing does not entail any additional cost whatever the texts or motifs incorporated, the number of logos, their dimensions, the number of colors, etc.


Absolutely. You can create your own design by referring to our technical guide which will provide you with tips and best practices for an optimal result. You will then be charged a fixed creation cost. This is an additional development fee that covers the work of adapting your design to our cuts. Contact our sales department for more information.
We can start a project from any type of media if you want to create your own design. Send us a computer model, a simple paper sketch, or even a photograph of a garment. Our team of graphic designers is specialized in creating unique, creative and original designs. They will find a solution adapted to your desires and needs and we will submit a proposal to you.
We can start a project from any type of media if you want to create your own design. Send us a computer model, a simple paper sketch, or even a photograph of a garment. Our team of graphic designers is specialized in creating unique, creative and original designs. They will find a solution adapted to your desires and needs and we will submit a proposal to you.
Customization, as its name suggests, allows you to create a truly unique product. Thanks to the immense possibilities of sublimation, you give life to a completely personalized design, incorporating graphics and texts that correspond to the needs of your club or sports association and that respect your visual identity.
No. The logo is subject to trademark law. Reproduction is prohibited unless you have written permission from the owner of the logo.
Yes, any type of character or symbol can be printed on your equipment. Just be sure to follow the rules of your sport federation when printing player names and numbers.
Yes, you are free to choose the background and outline colors for the numerical elements as well as for the texts.
Yes, you can print the photo of your choice on your equipment with a minimum resolution of 150 DPI at scale 1 (see FAQ "Sending digital files").

Sending digital files

If in doubt, send it to us by e-mail as a vector or raster file (see previous question). We will check its quality.

Color management

The colors displayed on a computer screen are generally different when printed. There are several reasons for this such as the configuration or the quality of the computer. For a perfect control of the colors, we place at your disposal free of charge our Technical Guide Sublisport which presents the entire range of our colors on fabric. We will send you this reference guide by mail upon request to allow you to check the color rendering during printing. You can also send us the color references you wish to use according to the Pantone, RAL or HKS color systems.
All the colors listed in our Sublisport Technical Guide are available to create your equipment. If the desired colors are not listed, you can indicate your own references (Pantone, RAL or HKS colors) or send us an example by mail: business card, letterhead, sticker, clothing, etc. One of our graphic designers will search for the color that matches your sample.
Absolutely. This is an adaptation work that we do free of charge and that guarantees a homogeneous rendering.
No. Since sublimation is a digital printing process, the number of colors and logos do not add to the final price.
We have a modeling service and we put all our competence and expertise at your service to meet your needs either by regularly renewing our range or by manufacturing new products at your request. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.