For a brand designer, having their clothes made by a specialist turns out to be the best alternative to be sure of having a production that meets all the criteria. Having your clothes made by a specialist also allows you to have a production that complies with the patronage, the technical file, etc. This option remains advantageous, especially from a fairly substantial volume of production.


First of all, it is essential to define your needs before having your clothes made. Indeed, it is essential above all to fix the production volume but also the budget intended for manufacturing. Like any project, you must from the start have a mastery over everything related to the manufacture of your clothes, although it is not you who do it! Indeed, mastering your project allows you to anticipate possible problems.
By setting the volume and budget, you will be able to compare offers from different manufacturers and assess which one is right for you.


On the other hand, when you decide to have your clothes made, the first thing that is also important to analyze is the task that you want to outsource. Indeed, is it just a manufacturing of clothes? That is to say that you will provide the fabrics and materials necessary for the garment factory, and the latter will just have to follow the patronage also provided to make your clothes?

Providing the fabrics and materials to make your clothes allows you to be sure you have the desired materials, however, it can take time!
Better to use a sourcing agency. Thanks to its wide network, the sourcing agency can search for you in record time, the type of fabric you want, even if it is a rare fabric, in the color you want.
The sourcing agency also ensures that you have the best value for money in your materials.

Be accompanied by fashion experts

Many clothing manufacturers also offer a comprehensive service. Their performance can thus start from the creativity phase. Subli Sport is one of the best sportswear manufacturers and stands out for the tailor-made solutions it deploys for its customers with the quality of its services.

Subli Sport can thus assist you in the conception of your designs, then carry out your patronages for you, constitute a technical file, initiate a sourcing of materials and accessories, produce a prototype of your clothing so that you can subsequently validate and fix it. the volume of your order and finally, produce your clothes.

By choosing this comprehensive service, you also benefit from more personalized support, since the manufacturing team was already involved in your project from the start. In addition, you will also have the advantage of having the agency’s advice as soon as your sketches are completed!

Finally, to have your clothes made, the most important thing is to choose the best clothing manufacturer. Because the quality of your clothes also depends on the quality of service from your manufacturer! So be careful.


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