Launching your clothing brand: Business plan, the step not to be skipped

Launching your clothing brand is a long-term project that requires a lot of thought before committing to it. It is a risky adventure deserving of a fairly thorough marketing and financial study. It is true that sports equipment or clothing seems to be a flourishing market, but for more assurance, it is better to draw up a business plan before launching your clothing brand.


Launching a clothing brand is not a simple matter. To launch your clothing brand is to think big to break into the international market. It is necessary to study the components upstream and downstream of production, the production itself and the market where to sell its products. All of this deserves to be quantified and quantified in order to have a well-defined idea of ​​the feasibility of the project.

The advantages of setting up a business plan

Establishing a business plan is certainly quite difficult but it is well worth it to successfully launch your clothing brand. This has considerable advantages in being able to locate oneself and know where and how to go. It allows to :

• Better define your project
• Project yourself rationally and objectively
• Anticipate and anticipate initial financial needs
• Avoid possible blockages
• Better adjust prices with its resellers
• Stagger production and operating costs over time and in value
• Reframing your project if necessary
• Better present your project to potential financial partners


The collection is the product to be sold. For it to be marketable, it has to be attractive and captivating. This is the best way to register your brand. To do this, be specific in your ideas. What do you want to convey through your collection? The answer to this question will help you better define its nature. This will make it easier for you to pass it on to customers and professionals who will serve as your partner to set up your personalized collection creation project, such as Subli sport.

Afterwards, study if your project coincides with the current needs of the market. And if it were not, could you create this need to be able to satisfy it afterwards? Otherwise, question yourself and try to adapt a little more to existing realities, failing to be disappointed from the start before launching your clothing brand.

It should be noted that sportswear requires much more thinking since customer comfort and the resistance of materials are the watchwords.


Given the aspects related to the creation of a clothing brand, in one way or another, the investments required are significant. To have a more precise idea and better refine your file, here are the main lines to launch your clothing brand:

1. Summarize the project development plan
2. See what stage of the project you are in
3. Establish a prologue to your professional career, as well as that of your employees
4. Do a marketing study
5. Describe and locate the stage of creation of the collections
6. Define the marketing and sales policy to launch your clothing brand
7. Identify your need for human and material capital through organizational charts, etc.
8. Take stock of the next 3 years

It is only after these steps that you will have a reliable business plan to present to financiers or undertake a crowfounding campaign.