Welcome to our page “News”. Thanks to this section, you will be up to date with Subli Sport France news! Follow us and be up-to-date with all the latest technological innovations regarding textiles aimed to the fans of sports.

Regardless if you are a team, club or sporting association, we invite you to discover the new lines of custom sports equipment or custom sports jersey created by our integrated research office.

Base layers, jerseys, sky shorts, leggings, bras, t-shirts, etc. We offer you a whole line of quality products that adapts to the discipline you practice!

We follow closely the evolution of the market of sports articles. This allows us to provide you with the materials that answers to the highest demands of the athletes: anti-UV fabrics, Quick Dry, antibacterial and water-resistant among others.

We present you the latest trends of sports equipment. If you wish to renew your jerseys, don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from the trends regarding color and design that we update daily.

All the steps of production of your custom jerseys are subject to a very strict quality control test. This allows us to profit from the latest innovations regarding fabric printing technologies.

To follow the technological evolution pace, we regularly participate in specialized trade shows. Thus, we can share with you all the textiles on the top of innovation, the latest trends regarding sublimation printing, etc. Our aim is to allow you to always have the latest technologies.

Within this section, you will have the opportunity to be informed about the most important events, of the creations and the product line of our production workshop. You will also find other specific information regarding our brand.

Discover now the latest events and news of Subli Sport France !

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