Amateur of fitness, cross fit, yoga or running? Personalized leggings are made for you! Sublisport is committed to creating personalized leggings of quality and according to your expectations. From the choice of materials, to production, quality for your comfort is the watchword.


Sublisport specializes in the creation and personalization of sportswear. Having already had conclusive years of experience, the quality of his work makes him a benchmark. We set ourselves the guiding objective of your comfort in the exercise of your sporting discipline. Among the sportswear we create are custom leggings.


Sublimation is an innovative digital printing technique unique to Sublisport. The prints are of breathtaking and vivid quality. The colors are bright and do not tarnish despite the washes. The patterns that can be printed are endless, which as soon as chosen, will be printed in record time, regardless of the quantity. Your personalized leggings will be matched with their sets such as the t-shirt or tank top, etc.

Compared to screen printing or inkjet printing, sublimation printing provides a much sharper and much more stable result!

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