Jerseys for athletes, leggings, CrossFit shorts… All these sportsperson outfits must have quality graphics that allows them to upgrade their brand image. For that purpose, the quality printing on a jersey is important to be spotted by sponsors.

Having illustrations printed on the jersey ensures optimizing its brand image and notoriety in the sporting world. Besides, it is essential to have sports equipment and outfits with quality printings.

In order to offer to high-level sportspeople the possibility to stand out in a competition, Subli Sport France makes collections of comfortable clothing for them, with designs perfectly printed on the fabric.

The steps of textile printing

We carry out meticulous textile printing following certain printing steps to obtain a finished product including our quality illustrations.

The first step in our chain of manufacturing consists in reversing the image of the final drawing of the ordered product. Thereafter, we print it on a transfer paper using special inks. This transfer paper has a specific characteristic which is the heat resistance.

The second phase is the sublimation of the image. The sublimation of an image on a textile support consists in transferring this image while using a high temperature (up to 200°C). This transfer is always done under pressure thanks to a calender or a press.


We prioritize three fundamental elements in order to design and produce personalized sportswear collections

The printing on the fabric needs a specific ink. Subli Sport France uses quality inks: sublimable dispersed inks used only in textile printing. This type of ink includes little molecules in aqueous phase. Using it allows to obtain sportswear graphics that won’t wear off, wash after wash.

Using a RIP software with an ICC profile is also indispensable for superposing patterned colors through the printer. This allows to obtain a reproduction of digital images without separation of colors.