Create your sportswear and custom sweat

Subli Sport France offers you quality custom sweats and a whole line of customizable sportswear equipment with the colors and logos of your club or team.

The custom sweats of Subli Sport France

Discover our wide line of sportswear, made according to your demands. Custom polo, custom sweat and custom t-shirt can be created according to your wishes. Zipped sweats, round necks, hooded sweat, short sleeves and long sleeves t-shirt, polo jersey: regardless of your need and your budget, we create together your custom sportswear with the colors of your club, your team or your company.

The strength of Subli Sport France? Since we manufacture the products from A to Z, we can customize them with a lot of detail!

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A high-end customization for your clothes

Subli Sport France offers you numerous innovative and professional techniques to customize your sportswear. And what’s the best? We can integrate labels on your clothes!

To create your custom sweats, trust our team, since it masters the most advanced printing techniques! Our confection workshop has a set of performance manufacturing equipment allowing to do a careful, unique and durable marking. From the bespoken pattern-making to the assembly, cutting your models, we ensure you a quality work, rapidly made and always respecting your requirements specification.

Which technique to customize your sweat?

We use numerous techniques to customize your sportswear. Choose to create quality custom sweats as you wish!

– Screen printing
– DTG printing
– Classic embroidery or 3D bouclette
– Laser application
– 3D embossing
– Silicon Rubber transfer
– Hot foil
– Strass

In a nutshell, you can let your imagination speak. Then, don’t doubt to contact us: we will direct you to the best technique for your needs!