Create your custom sports jerseys with sublisport

Are you searching for custom sports jerseys and other sportswear with a unique design for your club, team or even your own brand of sportswear ? You are in the right place !

The sublimation at the service of your projects

To create your customized sports jerseys, Subli Sport places quality as utmost priority. Thanks to the sublimation technique, we print your and your sponsor’s designs, logos, and patterns directly on the fabric of the jersey, shorts or any other sportswear you have chosen. This technique allows us to offer quality products that last over time.

The icing on the cake? Sublimation allows you personalize the creation of your custom sports jerseys without limits or constraints. You may pick up your colors, size, and location of the logos on the final product — you give voice to your creativity and needs!


Creation of the design and adjustment


Printing on sublimation paper


Transfer from the paper to the fabric


Cutting and separation of the forms


Goods confection in our workshops


Shipping of the goods

Customize your jerseys regardless of the sport !

For cycling, skydive, fitness, beachwear, MMA, mountainwear, e-sport, and any other sport, Subli Sport France answers your needs creating 100% custom sports jerseys for you, with the colors of your club or team. Regardless of the discipline you practice, Subli Sport France accompanies you from A to Z in your project and helps you design and sublimate your customized sportswear.

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Our commitment to you

At Subli Sport client’s satisfaction is a top priority. Our know-how and expertise are a guarantee for quality of all the sports articles we offer you in our line. The techniques we use to customize your clothes ensure you incontestable quality and products that last over time.

What is more, since your project needs a thorough follow-up, we accompany you through each step of the customization of your final product. We answer all your questions by email or phone, and you can also contact us using the contact form on this website.

How does it work ?


You choose your sports articles from our complete lines.


You provide us with precise specifications how to customize your sportswear.


We design your clothes with the chosen colors, texts, logos, and sponsors using the sublimation technique.


After your validation, we plan, produce, and deliver your customized clothes.

Regardless of the magnitude of your project Subli Sport France accompanies you.

Subli Sport is a designer and manufacturer of customized sportswear for clubs, teams, sports brands, and retailers. Thanks to the sublimation printing technique, our team can take charge of the development and the confection in small, medium, and large series of customizable sportswear. It is time to design the new jersey for your team !

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Protection of the environment a lot of people talk about this but few act as they should.

We participate in responsible resource management to protect the planet. Subli Sport handles our responsibility very seriously and works hard:
1. to optimize the different production processes of our custom sports jerseys
2. to recycle and optimize logistics in order to reduce our carbon impact; and,
3. to make all these steps more respectful to environment.


We have worked with Subli sport recently, an available team, of good advice and above all listening.
We placed a last minute order, products received on time ….
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