Subli Sport France has an integrated research office in order to develop your custom sports equipment.

Patronnage / Digitalisation

Our modeler will your creations to life, which will be made by the stylist after a style interview with you and will determine the conception of your products according to your wishes.

She will analyze the creation of your equipment and will guide you thanks to these long years of experience on which actions to take in order to optimize the cost price of the sale.


Our modeler will make real her drawings

Thanks to the sketches, she will give birth to your product through the following steps :


The clothing prototype will be mounted according to the selected materials following your request. Then, our research office will adapt the finishes to the industrial production tools in order to obtain exact prototypes of the clothing. Finally, fittings are done in order to validate or modify the technical proposals until the perfect prototype corresponding to the model of your request is obtained.


We carry out the grading of your sportswear, according to the scales of the sizes. When you create a garment or a collection, you need to carry out a grading. The gradation of the garment is an operation carried out in order to create a variant of a model in different sizes according to your needs of gradation. A grading for a garment can be carried out from a prototype or pattern.


The placement is a step which consists in carrying out a material consumption study. We carry out the best pattern placement in order to optimize as much as possible the consumption of the fabric according to the width. The placement also allows to optimize the final cost of your clothing minimizing the useless losses on each fabric aimed to their fabrication.

Technical file

The last step will consist in carrying out a technical sheet of the characteristics of the garment. Each product is subject to a technical file which will follow it during all the steps of its manufacturing. The technical file consists in listing and referencing all the necessary elements to design a garment (material, measuring grid, details…etc.).

Textile Designer Sportswear

Having comfortable and stylish sports outfits has become a real demand for the sportspeople. The sportswear fabric designer is challenged at each conception. He uses all his skill, his talents in graphics and creativity to mix the best he can the colors, the patterns, the typographic characters and the drawings.
You, a sportsperson who wants more performance! You, a person wanting to create a sportswear brand with all its equipment or wanting to be a retailer! Subli Sport France has a cutting-edge fabric designer team ensuring an original and singular rendering, with punchy graphics.
Our designing team will carry out your designs according to your demand.
You can also carry out your design yourself from our templates, please contact us so we send them to you.

Technical condition :
All the designs have to be carried out with 300 DPI vector file format (Illustrator).