Technical guide

Reading this technical guide will help you to have a clear vision of the good practices to adopt to create your customized Sublisport sports equipment.

Choice of colors

In the process of creating your custom jersey, the question of color choice will inevitably arise whether it is to meet the demands of your club or to follow your desires. Define the color of your choice or compose a palette of several colors by browsing our range of colors. The choice and the number of colors selected do not impact the price.

Range of colors

Sublisport offers a wide range of standard colors and fluorescent colors that offer a wide variety of possibilities to our customers. All combinations are possible at no extra cost. Consult our online customization configurator. Thanks to our tool, you will be able to create a preview of your equipment to discover the result.

Choice of the colorimetric mode

Your files and logos ready to print must be sent to us in CMYK colorimetric mode. Warning: if you send files with RGB colors, during the conversion to CMYK, some colors may be altered or lost, because the conversion of an RGB image to CMYK produces a separation of colors.

Request for specific colors

You also have the possibility to provide us with custom colors. You will have to communicate us their colorimetric codes. To do this, use a Pantone C or Pantone TPX paper color chart. To be sure that the result will correspond exactly to what you want, do not use a computer, what is perceived on the screen will not be completely accurate.

Conversion of fonts to curves

To make sure your text will look the way you want it to, it needs to be converted to curves to be read as an image. Remember to do this before sending your files.

Number font

Please also send us the font of the number if it is a specific numbering.

Screen rendering and final printing

For optimal color control, you should refer to our fabric color swatch. It would be misleading to rely on the perception of the colors on the computer screen, because the colors visualized on the screen will not be those obtained after printing.

CMYK values of black and gray

For any content with black, use the values 0-0-0-100.

Grayscale values should be expressed as percentages of black ink coverage (0% equals white, and 100% equals black). Example: 50% gray = 0-0-0-50.

Digital file format

We recommend sending files in CorelDRAW (CDR), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Macromedia FreeHand (FH) vector format. Vector graphics guarantee quality textile printing. If you choose a raster format (bitmap image .jpg .psd .tiff), make sure that your images are of good resolution: 150 DPI minimum at scale 1.